Welcome to my Portfolio!

Hola! I'm Sandesh.
Designer, Developer
And Maker.

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What is it that I do?

I enjoy designing meaningful products, experiences and bringing them to life.


UI Design

I design for web and mobile interfaces. Over the years, my skill set in UI Design includes Branding, Typography, Colors, Wireframing and Visual Design.


UX Design

I understand and empathise with the users to understand their problems. Then, with enough research, find meaning solutions to deliver a good overall experience.


Frontend Dev

I love coding anything from scratch and see my designs come to life in the browser. When I'm not designing, I'm learning code from the web for the web. ReactJS stack is my snack.

Selected Design Work

Collection of client projects, freelance work, case studies & products.

Development Projects

Collection of website clones, personal, group and hobby projects.