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Sandesh Athreya B D

I'm a self-taught designer, hobby developer, maker and a musician. Most recently, I was a product designer at Arrowtec GbmH, Berlin. I run UIpedia, curate design resources, write design related articles, publish newsletters twice a month and mentor upcoming designers and developers by delivering lectures as a Visiting Lecturer at SRH University Heidelberg, Germany.

I grew up in Bangalore, India. After completing my bachelors from The Oxford College of Engineering, I worked full time as a Software Engineer for almost a year. I then moved to Heidelberg to do masters in September 2017. I hold a master's degree in Applied Computer Science from SRH University Heidelberg.

I pretty much spend time everyday, mostly on Figma, trying to either design something new or learn something by experimenting. When I'm not designing, I'm either on VS code - trying to improve my coding skills, travelling or practicing music.

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What tools do I mostly use?

Tools and Tech


Adobe XD

MDB React









Vanilla JS






Mongo DB







What people say about me

Words by Colleagues & Clients

Working with Sandesh has been an absolute pleasure for the time we were together at Arrowtec GmbH. He wireframed, designed and developed the company software’s entire UI/UX and the front end application all by himself. He’s a talented engineer with skills that goes beyond just design or development. He is a professional focused on results and maintains excellent relationships with his peers. I wish him all the luck in all his endeavours.

Johann von Herwarth
CFO at Arrowtec GmbH

We got Sandesh onboard as an intern during his master studies at Calponia, Bosch Engineering GmbH. I felt Sandesh was special during the interviews. I was impressed as to how much he designed and implemented in that relatively short span of time. He has exemplary skills when it comes to understanding user requirements and creating simple solutions for difficult problems. He designed & developed two front end apps as part of his master thesis.

Matthias Koehler
Lead Developer at Bosch Engineering

I had a really good time working together with Sandesh during our time at Arrowtec GmbH, Berlin. He is an excellent designer and has vast knowledge when it comes to designing interfaces and user experience. He’s also a designer who writes code. He captures the essence of both Design and Development and does a really good job to produce seamless interfaces and experience. He is a team player and he takes feedback positively. Wish him the best!

Pavan C T
CTO at Arrowtec GmbH

Sandesh worked for us on two automotive projects at Bosch Engineering. We were looking for someone who does both design and development and Sandesh fit perfectly for us. He listens carefully, asks a lot of questions and creates very intuitively. His innovative approach to problem solving did the trick for us. I could not recommend him more highly and really hope we work together with him again in the future. Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute :)

Jannik Friedrich
Team Manager at Calponia, Bosch

My favourite hobby

Mobile Photography

This is something I picked up when travelling in Europe. I'm nowhere near a proper photographer. I just like to take decent photos on my mobile, edit them on Lightroom and upload it to Unsplash for anyone who might want to download and use it for free.

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